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ASEIG's network of tax services and advice for self-employed Expats

Germany has a rather complex tax system. Rumor has it, that more than 2/3 of the world’s texts about taxation are written about the German tax system (not sure if that is true, but it sounds right!).

For self-employed there are a lot of traps and risks to prevent, but also many chances to optimize your taxation well. The more complicated a system is, the more room for loopholes and tax advise is there, too.

We have identified a number of tax service providers (bookkeeping and accounting) and tax advisors who offer their services custom-tailored to Expats.  You can contact them directly via ASEIG and receive preferential treatment, a red carpet service for ASEIG members.

The video here gives some general info about taxation in Germany, courtesy of  EXPLAINITY videos (find more about them here:


Accounting Service for self-employed Expats

Making your bookkeeping and accounting simple: with the use of the DATAC app on your smartphone or tablet you can transfer all receipts, bills and invoices directly to the accounting service.

Nobody likes the tideous work of bookkeeping* and accounting. However, it is important to be up-to-date with this for both practical and legal reasons (if you fall too much behind with your bookkeeping*, the tax authorities in Germany can overthrow your final accounting for lack of authenticity and estimate your profits instead).

Franz Kettner runs a DATAC service office and offers special digital bookkeeping* in order to make the accounting for you easy and painless. You just need to take photos of your receipts, bills and invoices with your smartphone or tablet and then the accounting is done by him automatically.

* Erbracht werden ausschließlich Leistungen gemäß §6 Nr. 3 und 4 Steuerberatungsgesetz, jedoch keine Rechts- und Steuerberatung.


Tax advice for self-employed Expats

Working in Germany on an employee contract or on a services contract as a self employed freelancer? We use our years of experience and focus on personal taxes to create smart solutions for you. We avoid large corporate clients (and their attractive budgets) so we can maintain our focus on what we do best.

Thomas Zitzelsberger, founder of EXPATTAX, and his team of fully qualified accountants cater to self-empoyed Expats for more than 20 years!

Some self-employed/contractors feel a bit lost at the beginning  when they are new to the game, the country, and the language.  EXPATTAX  has a proven track record of walking every single one of its clients through the process successfully. If required, EXPATTAX can call your agency on your behalf to explain your position. They can contact your bank, your landlord, or your insurance.
100% of EXPATTAX’s business can be conveniently conducted via email or telephone. A face-to-face meeting is not required. This saves you both time and money. EXPATTAX is based in Munich, but he can provide equal services to clients anywhere in the world


Tax advice for self-employed and corporations

Our specialized consulting services for your future for International taxation, Corporate Planning, Founding a GmbH in Germany , Taxes for incorporated companies (GmbH)


  • Your clear head allows you to realise your new ideas
  • There is no trouble with the tax authorities and unplanned back taxes
  • You no longer have to make decisions based on a gut feeling


Come meet us and learn how we can turn this vision into reality for you

BARNBROOK GmbH your partner for the future!

BARNBROOKs  think ahead for you – planning and organizing – so you can look ahead with confidence. For the Barnbrook team you are more than just an anonymous number. Barnbrooks know their clients personally and have detailed knowledge of their businesses.
You will receive individual service packages that can be tailored exactly to your needs. BARNBROOK is convinced that you know best how much you want to invest in their services. That is why their service catalogue is designed so that you can put together packages as needed and decide on the price.

BARNBROOK GmbH specializes in International taxation, founding a GmbH in Germany, corporate planning, and advice relating to real property. Of course they can provide you with everything that belongs to the classic taxation service.

Barnbrooks have 17 years of experience with consulting extpats and subsidiaries from abroad. They work only digitally and are used to meet their clients online if desired.

Cornelia Barnbrook is a certified expert for international taxation. The office is located in the heart of Berlin.