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    Who we are and why you want to join us!

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    The ASEIG network of specialists can help you with your visa application

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    Insurances that every self-employed expat in Germany needs and that you'll only find here

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Finally an association for self-employed expats

Self-employed expats face a number of challenges when coming to Germany. ASEIG – the Association of Self-employed Expats in Germany – tries to address these challenges, offering solutions and services to make your life in Germany easier and your business more efficient. Over time and with growing numbers of members we will also work as a political lobbyist for self-employed expats in order to demand and foster change, where it is necessary for the sake of our members or where foreigners who are self-employed face unfair disadvantages or even discrimination.

One of the main issues or challenges for every self-employed expat coming to Germany is finding suitable (and legally compliant) health insurance.  Since the German health insurance system is unique in the world, setting yourself up with health insurance can be daunting, time-consuming and even mind-boggling.  We have succeeded in setting up a special health insurance group plan for ASEIG members with one of the leading German  insurance companies in this field.

Other insurances and business services can also be obtained with the assistance of ASEIG and its exclusive network of vetted brokers, advisers, lawyers and tax accountants. Your membership grants you direct access to these experts and often also substantial rebates on both insurance products and consulting/advisory fees within the ASEIG network.

Join us now and start to enjoy all these benefits as an ASEIG member right away.

Self-employed Expats NEED

Health insurance - it's the law
Business insurances - because it is a new environment
Help with taxes - any error can be expensive
ASEIG - a partner with a strong network

And yes, in reality you only want to be left alone, care about your business, develop your ideas and do what you can do best… but first you need to get some legal and administrative issues off your plate so that you can set your entrepreneurial spirit free! ASEIG is here to help you with that. 

  • Stronger together

    One single self-employed person can often not achieve much – together we are stronger and can negotiate better deals for all members !

  • Individual support

    With ASEIG membership  you have access to a network of specialists in different fields of expertise who will help you to satisfy your individual needs in running your business in Germany.

  • Health insurance

    For self-employed expats coming to Germany it is hard to get a good health insurance policy. The ASEIG group plan is an excellent solution in full compliance with German laws and unique on the German market – you won’t find it anywhere else !

  • The key to success

    With all the support and advice from ASEIG‘s network, you can solve all pending problems and start on your path to success in Germany. With the administrative issues out of the way you can concentrate fully on your business.

Membership of ASEIG is small in costs and big in benefits – Join now!

ASEIG helps Expats all over Germany


The board of ASEIG

–  experienced and resourceful experts on your side !

Werner Kaiser - ASEIG chairman

Werner Kaiser

Werner worked for many years as a diplomat in Georgia, Mozambique and Yemen. After his career as a diplomat ended, he dedicated his work to journalism and has been successful as a freelancer with several newspapers and magazines in Germany.

His personal experience as an expat abroad and as a self-employed journalist make him the ideal spokesperson for ASEIG.

Nora Ott - GM @ ASEIG

Nora Ott

General Manager
Nora has had her own experiences of being an expat, having lived in Wales, UK.

Since 2006 she has been the director of Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie., the exclusive partner for ASEIG‘s members in all insurance matters.  C R & Cie. have catered to expats all over Germany and enjoy an excellent reputation in the expat community with more than 1,500 clients across Germany.

As a certified and licensed insurance broker and financial advisor Nora coordinates the insurance services for ASEIG and is constantly bartering for special group deals that benefit ASEIG members.

Bartlomiej Zornik - Legal counsellor

Bartlomiej Zornik

Board of Advisors - Legal counsellor
Born in Poland but grown up in Germany, Bartlomiej is an expert in both insurance laws and the relevant laws and rules governing the use of websites in Germany. He advises ASEIG legally in all matters relevant for the association.  But he is also an excellent source of legal advice for any member who wants to run a website or even an online business and needs a secure understanding of how to publish a legally compliant Impressum (obligatory legal notice), contact form and privacy protection clauses as well as contracts/order forms for their business.

'Starshollow' - Finance and tax counsellor

Starshollow (Patrick O. Ott)

Board of Advisors - Finance & tax counsellor
As “Starshollow” Pat has written more than 4,000 contributions in internet forums for expats in Germany since 2006 and is widely recognized as an unbiased and truly knowledgeable expert in both insurance matters (especially health insurance) and in financial and taxation matters amongst the expat community in Germany.

With his professional background in banking and his degree in International Taxation from Harvard Law School (Class of 2000) he is ASEIG‘s coordinator with financial institutions and tax advisers, always seeking out preferential treatment and deals for ASEIG members.